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Interdental Brushes Kenya

  • Deep cleaning and efficient plaque removal between teeth
  • Accessing up to 40% more tooth surfaces than with a toothbrush alone
  • Plastic coated wires prevent sensitivity
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Includes a travel cap in each pack for hygienic storage
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Each pack contains 6 brushes
  • Mixed colours pack contains all sizes except the black


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Interdental Brushes Kenya

What is an interdental brush?

(Interdental Brushes Kenya)An interdental brush is a small dental brush specially designed for cleaning between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. Using an interdental brush every day, as a complement to toothbrushing, is an easy and efficient method to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy. Cleaning with an interdental brush prevents inflamed gums, cavities, and bad breath.

TePe’s selection of interdental brushes offers an option for every need – make your choice among a variety of sizes and models. The interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts to ensure the highest utility and quality in every little detail.

Top quality features of TePe’s interdental brushes

Optimal access

TePe Interdental Brushes Original and Extra soft have a straight neck, while TePe Angle has a pre-angled neck for extra good access between the back teeth and from the inside. The four smallest sizes of TePe Interdental Brushes Original have a flexible neck for even better access around gums, teeth and dental work.

Plastic coated wire

All sizes and models of TePe’s interdental brushes have the plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning. The interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around dental implants or braces.

Color-coded sizes

TePe interdental brushes come in a range of sizes, designs and filament types to fulfill most needs. The color scheme is based on ISO certificated standards and allows for quick identification of the perfect brush size. The smallest sizes of the interdental brush range have a patented soft neck with a semi-transparent color to spotlight the highly flexible feature. The Extra Soft line has softer filaments compared to other TePe interdental brushes.

Interdental brushes serve as an alternative to flossing; they can be used daily and can be more effective for interproximal plaque removal than floss as suggested by a number of studies. Interdental brushes, depending on their size and shape as well as the surfaces of the teeth, can prove to be effective tools for reducing interproximal plaque.1 Other considerations include an individual’s manual dexterity, how easy and fast a product is to use, and an individual’s motivational level.

How to use TePe Interdental Brushes

interdental brushes kenya

Interdental Brushes Kenya

Make it a daily routine to brush between your teeth with an interdental brush to keep your teeth healthy and to prevent gum disease and caries. Interdental brushes are also used for cleaning of implants and orthodontic appliances.

Use between the front teeth

Use a straight interdental brush between the front teeth. Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into space; work it in gently or choose a smaller size. Move the interdental brush full length back and forth a few times.

Use between the back teeth

If you use a small interdental brush (pink, orange, red or blue) you may curve the soft neck slightly by adding pressure with your finger to make it easier to reach between the back teeth.

Use between the back teeth

If you use an interdental brush of a larger size, access between the back teeth may be improved if you slightly curve the wire. The interdental brush will last longer if you do not straighten or bend the brush at another angle.

Choose the right size

For optimal cleaning, it is important to choose an interdental brush of the right size. Very often more than one brush size is needed. Your dental professional can help to select the correct brush size/sizes for you.

Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening. Move the brush back and forth a few times in each interdental space. Look in the mirror for easier use. Change brush when the filaments are becoming worn.

Please dispose of all used products and packaging responsibly.

Don’t use toothpaste, since it contains abrasives. You may instead apply TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride, which is specially designed for use with an interdental brush.

Interdental Brushes Kenya

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